Offbeat Video

By Ben Walley 

Watch the amazing moment a free diver reaches a sunken ship on the sea bed.

Adam Stern, 28, from Copacabana, New South Wales can be seen diving the Boga wreck in North East Bali.

PIC FROM Adam Stern / Caters News

Not one to miss a photo opportunity, Adam poses at the wheel of the ship in an attempt to become its captain.

The gigantic ship wreck is an old coast guard ship that was sunk purposely for diving.

PIC FROM Adam Stern / Caters News

Adam, a professional free diver, competes in competitions around the world where athletes dive as deep as they can using a single breath.

Adam currently holds four Australian records and in 2016 was ranked fifth in the world in the Men’s with fins category – and can amazingly dive to 104 metres on one breath.

PIC FROM Adam Stern / Caters News

Adam said: “Some friends and I headed to the ship to check it out and free dive in and around it.

“It’s such a stunning wreck and it’s in really great shape.

“It isn’t old enough to start falling apart so it was fun to swim through it and play around on its structure.”