Amazing Video

By Jack Williams

This tiny Tarzan has gained a social media following of more than one million individuals, thanks to his incredible gymnastic skills.

Three-year-old Arat Hosseini has more than 900,000 followers on Instagram and upwards of 650,000 on Facebook.


On his social media accounts, Babol, Iran resident Arat uses his home as his gym, balancing on TVs, scaling walls, and flipping from the likes of doors and surfaces.

The flexible tot’s fitness regime would put most gym-goers to shame, and his long-term goal is to one day compete in the Olympics.

As well as having incredible gymnastic skills for someone his age, Arat has also shown interest in swimming and track and field.

His abilities were first noticed by his father, Mohammad, when Arat was just four months old.

It wasn’t until he was around 1, though, that the family began to take the youngster’s athletic talents more seriously, allowing him to train for around 20 minutes per day, his parents said.

Through such training, he has been able to master a number complicated poses, with Mohammad overseeing his son’s development every step of the way,.

As his son has grown older, Mohammad has increased Arat’s training time, which currently stands at less than one hour a day.

Unfortunately, Mohammad said, there are no gymnastic competitions for children of Arat’s age in Iran – but the family have been invited on a number of TV shows as a result of the youngster’s social media fame.


Mohammad said: “Because we live in a small town and very far from big cities, our facilities are very simply and limited.

“So we do hard exercises with these kind of shortages.

“This means special, which nobody can do.

“Everybody admires Arat and thinks he can introduce and prove himself to the whole world.”


Arat, speaking through Mohammad, said: “When I participated in my first international TV show and succeeded, my father cried with happiness.

“That was my best day.

“I love holidays, school and family – that’s it.”

“My dream is to become Olympic champion.”