Offbeat Video


By David Aspinall

This is the stunning moment a twin leaves her sister speechless with her dream car as a thank you for helping her graduate.

Thoughtful Rachel Peline left sibling Melisa’s jaw on the floor when she surprised her with a 2017 Subaru BRZ at home in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, on June 12.


Walking into her parent’s garage, the 23-year-old exclaims ‘what the hell is this’ before bursting into tears of happiness as she stands next to the midnight blue motor.

After composing herself, Melissa steps into the car and strokes the dashboard between turning to Rachel – 10 minutes her junior – and finally finding the words to say thank you.

Rachel said: “I don’t think it has sunken in that she owns the car.

“Melisa still can’t wrap her head around it.

“We all thought she would scream and jump up and down, but certainly didn’t expect her to just cry right away.

“It genuinely caught her off guard and made me really happy to see how in shock she was.

“All I wanted to do was give her one of the greatest surprises of her life and I think I did it.

“Plus, the best part, everyone that asks about the car, she says that her sister bought it.”

Rachel decided to surprise Melisa after her twin figured out a way she could continue her further education despite spiralling debts.

Rachel said: “Just after my first semester at Akron, we were contacted by a student loan company saying we owned them money.


“Looking at my balance I knew they were wrong.

“After further investigation, we found out my loans were put under my parents instead of me.

“The loans reached over $50,000 when we found out about it and were growing at over $10 a day through interest.

“My parents had to drain their savings to try to cover the loan just to close it out, but it wasn’t enough.”

Using her knowledge as an accountant, Melisa figured out a family budget and even took out a private loan of $25,000 to cover the remaining balance.

Rachel said: “If she had not taken out the loan I would have had to drop out and find a fulltime job and continue my education after the monster loan was gone.

“While I was able to stay in school, Melisa has been paying on the private loan and recently bought a house.

“Her car was falling apart and she has talked for at least a year about how badly she wanted a BRZ.”

Rachel received her job offer as an IT Systems Administrator the day before Thanksgiving 2016 and made herself a promise to repay the kindness.

She said: “The day of the offer I promised myself I would buy her a BRZ and stuck to it.

“I still have to help her close out the private loan she took out for me and I still owe my parents money.

“But Melisa now has her dream car as a thank you for letting me stay in school.”