Offbeat Video

By Christina Wood

A mum dared by pals to get a picture with a postman has proved they are not all ‘grumpy’ when the ‘coolest postman ever’ danced up her drive to deliver her mail.

Kirstie Dennett, 32, and her friends all dared each other to get a selfie with a postman however the mum-of-three decided she could do one better after noticing that her mail deliverer could regularly be seen ‘dancing around the place’.

Her hilarious footage shows postie and dad James Bailey, 29, dancing up her street to the sound of UB40’s Baby Come Back, doing multiple twirls and spins before delivering Kirstie’s mail into her hand.


After the video went viral on Facebook, Kirstie has been inundated by friends admitting they wished their postman was a ‘cool’ as hers.

And now James, who admits to regularly being ‘caught singing and dancing’ on his rounds, has been overwhelmed by single ladies declaring they are admirers.

Kirstie, an admin worker from Luton, in Bedfordshire, said: “A lot of people have said that the video is hilarious and they wished their postman was as cool.

“A lot of their postmen are grumpy and miserable. He’s the coolest postman I know.

“It all started off when a couple of my friends were chatting and one girl dared everyone to get a selfie with their postman. I decided to see if I could go one step further and get my postman to dance.

“Some people were a bit nervous and reluctant to ask their postman but when I asked James to do it he was well up for it.

“He always has his headphones in and is dancing around the place so I thought he would do it.


“I asked him ‘are you up for a challenge?’ he was probably a bit surprised at first but he didn’t hesitate and said yes straight away.

“I don’t think many other people managed to do it. The video has been making all of the girls laugh and he’s been getting quite a bit of attention.”

Kirstie admitted that many of her single friends were asking if James was single after the video was posted but James says he only has eyes for his girlfriend.

Kirstie said: “We didn’t actually know each other. He’s just my postman but he always seems happy and lovely. This has got us talking more now though.

“I told him the next day about the attention he was getting and I asked him, ‘how do you like being famous?’

“He seemed to be a bit embarrassed but he told me he has been getting a lot of nice messages from people who have seen the video.

“He seems like he’s quite a fun-loving character, very bubbly and nice. I hope the video makes people laugh and smile. It’s light-hearted and just a bit of fun.”

James has revealed that he has been recognised on the street from the video and that he loves making people happy.

James said: “I get caught singing and dancing quite a bit. I always do stuff for a like. I never take life too seriously.

“You’ve got to be a people person when you’re a postman. You can’t walk around being moody. If you’re happy then you’ll make other people happy. There’s no point moping about. I’ve got it good.

“I didn’t expect it to get so much attention. It is exciting. I’ve had a few people recognise me and ask about the video. My girlfriend doesn’t mind she knows I’ve only got eyes for her.”

A Royal Mail spokesperson said: “Royal Mail is pleased that our postman is happy at his work as he serves customers in Luton and brightens up their day, but we already knew that all our people all over the UK make a big difference in their communities. We also compliment James on his dancing skills.”