Animals Video

By Charles Creasey

A woman claims she has been branded the ultimate ‘crazy cat lady’ after becoming so close to her ‘posh’ moggy that it copies her and sits on the toilet to wee ‘like a human’.

Lisa Marie Barrett was getting ready for work last Thursday (22 June) in her London home when she noticed her male cat Simba behaving strangely around the bathroom.


But the 26-year-old was left stunned when she realised the cat had hopped onto the seat of the loo and was taking a wee like it had watched her do numerous times.

However upon telling her partner Nick and colleagues about her cat’s new toilet manners she was accused of ‘making it up’ – so sought to capture the habit on camera.

Hilarious footage shows Simba perched on the seat, carefully lowering his behind and urinating neatly into the bowl, before his brother Skye appears and looks visibly perplexed.

Lisa, a client support manager, said: “They called me a crazy cat lady – I think that’s what other people did think at the time. Nobody believed me when I first told them.

“Last week I just caught him weeing all by himself – but at first I wasn’t really sure what he was doing.

“I told my partner Nick and he didn’t believe me. He just said to me ‘are you serious? He’s weeing?’


“I told people at work and they didn’t believe me either so I said to my partner and my work colleagues that I was going to get video evidence to prove I was telling the truth.

“I was really worried that it was just going to be one of those one-off things and he wouldn’t do it again, but luckily he’s been doing it every day since so I managed to film him.

“He’s also quite a posh cat. He gets fed well and I admit he’s a little bit spoiled.”

Lisa claims the cat’s interest in her loo had been growing for a while, with Simba often flouting personal space rules to watch her on the toilet.


Lisa said: “He used to just follow me into the toilet and come and sit on my lap. I didn’t really think about it at the time.

“When I discovered what he was actually doing last Thursday I had already come out of the toilet.

“It wasn’t until I was in the kitchen that I heard him enter the loo so I followed him in and I was watching him.

“I tried to tilt my head to get a better look and that’s when I realised he was actually using the toilet all by himself – it was just so weird.”

Lisa reckons the only way her cat could have learned is by mimicking her behaviour.

Lisa said: “I’ve absolutely no idea how he learned. He must have copied me when he was watching me.


“My cat Simba is a Brown Spotted Bengal so the behaviour is part of their breeding.

“They are quite clever animals and now that I know he can do this I’m going to try and train him to do other things.

“It feels like I have a child who has used the potty for the first time. I told him he was a very clever boy and I gave him a little treat.

“He’s been going to the loo like that ever since and now I just need Skye, the other one, to pick it up.

“That’ll make my life easier because then we won’t have to use a litter tray.

“He can do other things too. Simba drinks water straight from the tap sometimes.

“Some owners say they can walk them like dogs on leads – so that’s something I might try.”