Video Viral

By Sophie Norris

This is the moment a fun-loving dad eager to enjoy a pint in peace with his fiancée tried to DANCE his baby to sleep – and she was out within seconds.

David Innes, 26, was enjoying an energetic jazz band at his local in Ipswich Quay in Suffolk with his fiancée Amber Atkinson while enjoying the warm weather.

Eager to enjoy a drink without having to look after ‘active’ Annabelle, David decided to do his best to get the 21-month-old baby to drop off to sleep despite the loud music and lively atmosphere.

The adorable video shows butcher David strutting around the beer garden, dancing and pushing Annabelle’s pushchair back and forth at the same time.

Despite the rocky ride and people laughing loudly at the spectacle, Annabelle quickly begins rubbing her eyes and 30 seconds into the footage is visibly fast asleep.

Amber, 27, said: “We were at Isaac’s on the Quay and the band had started playing and Annabelle was starting to get tired so we popped her in your buggy.

“David was dancing to the band as they started playing and I thought it was cute so filmed it.

“It only took a minute before she was out.

“She’s is quite used to being around live music. If there’s a band playing at a pub nearby, we’ll always take her with us so loud music doesn’t really stop her from falling asleep.

“She loved the music when we took her to America for Thanksgiving and it started from there.

“We had been hoping she would take a nap so we could have one drink in peace before chasing her around. She’s a very active baby.

“She’s constantly on the go. She’ll go up to people and say hi or wave to everybody.

“After she woke up, she was running up to people and smiling.

“David and Annabelle were both asleep by 6pm. It was a great day out for us.”

David said: “I always have a little dance with her, of course – that’s what dads do.

“We like to think about a relaxed way of parenting. We let her enjoy the time she’s awake and don’t ever force her to go down. It’s just the way Amber and I are really.

“Annabelle actually loves a bit of opera. She’s just sit and stare at it on the TV. She does love her music and she’ll have a little boogie.

“I’d say it can’t have been more than a minute before she was fast asleep.”