Offbeat Video
Tough Mudder

By Becca Husselbee 

A man decided he wanted to tackle the famous Tough Mudder course but took it one giant step further by doing it dressed as a T-REX.

The mystery man turned up to the course dressed in the outrageous costume and was captured by the obstacle courses in-house media team.

Zac Hancock, from the Tough Mudder media team, said: “The dinosaur is captured taking on some of our signature obstacles such as, Skid Marked, Mud Mile 2.0, Pyramid Scheme, The Block Ness Monster,  Hero Carry and Birth Canal.

Pic by Tough Mudder UK / Caters News

“unfortunately we don’t know who this mystery man was but were hoping to find out.

“He must have done it for fun as we encourage everyone to enjoy themselves and not too take them selves too seriously.

“Dressing up is quite common, although we think this is the best one.”

Pic by Tough Mudder UK / Caters News

The Tough Mudder contest is run every year and both professionals and amateurs can enter across the country.

Zac said: ” As Tough Mudder is not a race but a challenge, we do not record times but rather encourage the teamwork and camraderie among participants.”