Nature Video

By Becca Husselbee

A photographer captured the moment a lightening storm hit New York city.

Peter Alessandria, 42, from the Queens area of New York, took more than 1,000 images to create a time lapse of the storm travelling across the New York City skyline.

Pic by Peter Alessandria/Caters News

Peter, a full time fine art photographer, said: “I was shooting an advertising campaign for a fashion client when I noticed in the distance the sky getting darker.

“We stopped what we were doing and watched in awe as the cloud grew larger and larger.

“I called off the shoot and sent everyone home due to the impending danger of the storm.

Pic by Peter Alessandria/Caters News

“But I sensed something magnificent was about to happen, so I decided to stay behind.

“I covered myself and my equipment with rain gear and looked for shelter to ride it out.

Peter’s time lapse was taken over two hours.

Pic by Peter Alessandria/Caters News

He said: “As the intensity of the storm grew I wondered if I had made the wrong choice by staying.

“But soon I was rewarded with an amazing show of lightning above the skies of Manhattan and escaped damage to myself or my equipment.”