By Mollie Tracey

A mum of two has dodged death by forking out £6,000 to have her rotting breast implants removed.

Annette Stevens, 48, from West Sussex, almost died when her 36C bust began poisoning her body over the course of a decade.

It took 13 years before she realised her sharp pains, sickness, heart palpitations, breathlessness and hair loss, were in fact linked to her new boobs.

Annette finally saw a surgeon in 2016 who explained she was suffering a severe gel bleed – which meant the silicone from the implants had entered her blood stream.

PIC FROM Caters News – Annette Before having implants removed.

And the tissue protecting her implants, known as capsules, were rotting inside her chest.

Left with no other choice, Annette paid £6,000 to have her implants and capsules removed last October and she now wants to warn others of the dangers of implants.

Annette, a trained beauty therapist, said: “My implants were poisoning my body and it was a life and death situation.

“I felt like I was dying, I couldn’t watch my body deteriorate anymore and I paid £6,000 to have my implants removed.

“I knew that my implants were in such a bad way that if I’d have left them any longer, they could have ruptured and killed me.

“Never in a million years did I think my implants would poison my body.

“After breast feeding my two children, Yasmin and Nathan, now 24 and 16, my boobs were left quite saggy.

PIC FROM Caters News – Annettes implants.

“The surgery cost £5,500 and I went from a 36A to a C cup, the size wasn’t an issue for me, they were extremely deflated and needed lifting and I wanted the surgery for myself.

“Afterwards I felt amazing, I just wanted them to look natural and they did.

“But almost straight away I knew something wasn’t right, along with the aches, pains and sickness, and blurred vision I also started to put on weight.

“I suffered with anxiety and depression, and my hair would often fall out, but I thought it was just my thyroid altering my hormone levels.

“I didn’t realise but my body was slowly being poisoned, the silicone had seeped out and was causing the implants to break down.

“But luckily I was able to have them removed just in time before they ruptured.

PIC FROM Caters News

“The type of implant I received have now been suspended in the UK and banned in other countries, which is really scary, and I just want to warn others to always be aware of the dangerous implications implants can cause.”

Just before her breast augmentation in 2002, Annette was diagnosed with underactive thyroid.

But over the next few years, Annette blamed her ill health on her thyroid and didn’t look any further.

She added: “My life took a turn for the worse, as well as feeling ill myself my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer and my daughter was struck down with meningitis.

“I had bad pains in my left boob but didn’t want to say anything whilst my mum was having treatment.

“I went to the doctors but I kept getting told I was depressed and I knew my thyroid medication wasn’t working.

“I asked for further tests and went to see a private specialist, by this point the implants were 12 years old and were starting to break down, but I didn’t know what was going on inside.”

It wasn’t until Annette started to carry out her own research on her current thyroid medication that she came across a comment about breast implants and it suddenly made sense.

Annette said: “At first I was in denial, I just couldn’t accept that my implants were the cause of years of pain and suffering.

“But that all changed when I spoke to a friend who had 20 year old implants.

PIC FROM Caters News – Annette after implants removed.

“She was experiencing similar symptoms to me, I told her what I had found and she went on to have them removed, her implants were ruptured and so removing them saved her life.”

In October 2016 Annette travelled to Holland to see a well renowned surgeon who could remove the implants safely.

She added: “For the whole trip, including the surgery and travel, it cost around £6,000 so it wasn’t a cheap option.

“At this point I didn’t know if the implants were ruptured or not, the only way of telling was by having them removed.

“Thankfully they hadn’t, but if they had been left in any longer then the chances are they would have ruptured and could have killed me, they were deflated and the textured coating had started to break down.”

Annette is hoping by sharing her story that she can educate others on the hidden dangers of implants.

She added: “I was told that my implants would last a life time and I was never told that they would need to be replaced or were dangerous.

“I have been on a concoction of tablets for the past year to detoxify my body, it’s not a quick fix and I still suffer with water retention, insomnia and tiredness which are the after effects of the silicone in my body.

“Since having them removed I no longer worry about how my body looks, I am just so relieved and thankful to still be alive.”

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