By Jamie Smith 

This elephant is really rocking its Mohawk!

As the old female gave herself a dust bath to protect from the searing heat she blew red sand over her back.

A perfectly-timed photograph makes it look as though the elephant is sporting a red rock Mohican.

The pictures were taken by Kristin Tyler from Austin, Texas, who was on holiday with her family in the Ingwelala Private Game Reserve in Kruger National Park, South Africa on May 22.

Kristin, 36, said: “We were on a morning game drive when we found a very large breeding herd of more than 40 elephants.

“This herd consisted of large male bull elephants, lots of adolescents and mothers with their calves.

“This old elephant was giving itself a dust bath for protection from the sun. It had sucked up sand in its trunk and blow it up over its back and head.

“My thoughts and feelings were pure excitement and utter joy, because I love being surrounded by these majestic animals and listening to them communicate with each other.

“I love to shoot breeding herds of elephants because you get a wide range of interesting subjects from big old males with large tusks to baby elephants that are less than a year old.

“I plan to return to this great sanctuary for Africa’s wild animals next year.”