Offbeat Video

By Luke Kenton

This is the life-changing moment a 25-year-old seeing colour for the first time shouts ‘oh my god, chocolate looks different’.

After being handed a pair of Enchroma glasses by friend Heather Hill, a stunned Alex Gruetzmacher can’t hold back the tears as the different shades of vehicles around him become apparent.

The 25-year-old is instantly taken aback and erupts into expletives as he twists and turns checking out all the distinct oranges, reds and greens around him.


While his friends suggest they check out the flowers in the garden centre, Alex notices some cookie residue on his hand and exclaims ‘oh my god, chocolate looks different’ to a chorus of laughter.

Heather, from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA, said: “I bought my dad a pair of Enchroma glasses for Father’s Day in 2015, and it completely changed his life.

“We were visiting friends and family around Wisconsin and soon realized that Alex and my Dad would be in the same place, and wondered if it would have the same effect.

“I knew Alex was severely colour blind, but I wasn’t prepared for this reaction.

“It was such a lovely moment to witness, we all shed tears together over it.”


Alex’s condition is described as a ‘strong deutan’, a type of red-green colour blindness which causes red, green, orange and browns to appear as if the same colour, while also making it difficult to distinguish between blues and pink.

Alex continues to proclaim ‘oh my god’ as he compares the ‘before and after’ shots by continuously putting the glasses – borrowed from Heather’s dad – on and off his face continuously.

Heather said: “Alex had no idea he was colour blind for most of his life, until he was turned down by the army after failing 13 out of 14 colour blindness tests.

“After the parking lot, we took him to look at the flowers, which again completely blew his mind.

“After seeing them, Alex is now proud to say that pink is his favourite colour, after being deprived of it for so long.

“Alex doesn’t currently have a pair of his own glasses, but we’re all chipping in together to make that dream his reality.

“That evening, we took him to see his first sunset in full colour and he was completely overwhelmed by all the beautiful colours.

“It’s emotional even thinking back to it now.”