Animals Video

By Ellie Duncombe

This is the nail-biting moment a student tries to wrestle with an alligator – and almost gets EATEN.

The stomach-churning video, shot by Jason McDonald from Colorado Gator Farm, shows the moment plucky Caleb Ramsey decided to take part in an alligator rodeo – and almost ended up as lunch.
As brave Caleb tried to corner a snapping gator, he almost tripped over one of its pals – and both of the terrifying reptiles turned on him.

Luckily, Caleb managed to stay still until the gators lost interest, and he got away unscathed.

Jason said: “It was our annual Gator Fest which we hold every year – a contest to see who can catch the biggest gator the fastest.

“We use it as a way to catch as man gators as we can and give them an extensive check-up – all of the gators are microchipped and we take measurements and document any wounds or treatment they receive throughout the year.

“Caleb wanted to compete but he was a little hesitant, and missed a gator that was by itself.

“He had to walk into the corner to try and catch one.

“The gator he was going for spun round and gaped its mouth at him, so he took a few steps back and almost stepped on another gator.

“When he got too close to the gator behind him, it opened its mouth in a defensive position.

“You could hear a gasp from the crowd when both gators swung around on him.

“Caleb backed up against the fence but he couldn’t jump over it because on the other side was Bruce Almighty – a 12ft 5inch, 910lb rescue alligator.

“So Caleb had to stand still for a moment, because alligators are sight predators.

“It was a very close call.

“Once the initial alligator had lost interest and started to walk off, Caleb was able to catch it.

“Once he caught the gator and got to shore, I could tell he was a bit rattled but excited too, and had a sense of accomplishment.

“Unfortunately he didn’t win the contest though!

“The alligator he caught actually had a really bad bite on its foot, and was moved to a medicating tub that we treat with antibiotics to clean the wound.

“Any time you work with alligators, you run the risk of a bite.”