Video Viral

By Christina Wood 

This ‘cool’ tot is such a big fan of rave music that he enjoys dancing to the fastest beats possible – and his mum caught him on camera rocking out enthusiastically to jungle music.

Michaela Gibbons, 36, was with son Frankie, three, on their way home from CBeebies Land, in Staffordshire, for his birthday on June 17 when she put on one of her DJ hubby’s CDs.

The support worker couldn’t resist filming as the toddler got his groove on to Original Nuttah by Shy FX despite being stuck in his car seat.

Hilarious footage shows Frankie first bobbing his head appreciatively, before pulling off some fast-paced hand movements while pulling some intense facial expressions and finally all-out head-banging with his tongue stuck out.

The mum-of-two confesses that despite Frankie being around house music thanks to husband Lee being a former DJ, she admits it is odd for a three-year-old to be such a big electronic music fan.

Michaela, from Blackley, in Manchester, said: “He’s quite a cool toddler. There aren’t many children that would be into house music at that age.

“He was just nodding his head but then he gradually got really into it which you can see on the video. I was just laughing at him. He loves it.

“We had spent the day at CBeebies Land for his third birthday so he was hyped up already before the music came on.

“I think he just loves music in general but his favourite is anything fast he can dance to. His dad used to be a DJ so he’s constantly got house music playing.

“Frankie likes most types of music but at the minute he is a fan of Stormzy. I don’t really like that sort of music but he seems to love it.”

The mum claims that the tot loves music so much she wouldn’t be surprised if he followed in the footsteps of his dad, Lee Mullholland, 33, who used to be a DJ.

Frankie said: “He loves to dance. I would love to take him to a street dance class one day. I think he will definitely be interested in dancing or being a DJ when he’s older

“He’s got an older brother who likes to dance too so I think that’s where he gets it from. He just copies him. He’s been doing this since he was two.

“I’ve shown the video to a couple of friends and everyone loves it and thinks it’s hilarious.

“I was taking the video whilst Lee was driving. He didn’t really see it until he saw the video later. I don’t think he was expecting his reaction but he loved it.”