By Mike Jones

An inquisitive owl looks to be spinning his head full circle as he spotted a wildlife photographer capturing his picture.

Michael Brady, 47, had hidden in camouflage gear in woodland in County Durham in a bid to photograph the elusive species of owl without them noticing.

But this sharp bird clear knew something was up, and moved his head right round in a bid to figure out what was going on – resulting in this hilarious series of photos.

**MANDITORY BYLINE** Pic by Michael Brady/Caters News

Michael said: “I was given a tip off to the general are where the owls would be so I went there hoping to get some photographs but I never expected to get pictures quite like these.

“This one day I went I found three of the Owlets roosting in a tree, I crept very slowly, squatted down, sat in a bush and waited.

**MANDITORY BYLINE** Pic by Michael Brady/Caters News

“I was dressed from head to foot in full camouflage clothing, made no sudden movements and I just waited. The owls when they first wake up are very docile, nothing seems to bother, passing bikes, joggers they never flinched just their eyes followed.

“One of the owls popped out in the open on a branch started having a stretch, this was my chance! I started snapping, and even with my camera on silent they are still aware of some strange noise in the bush, and this is how I got the head turning inquisitive photos – they weren’t startled, just curious about me.

**MANDITORY BYLINE** Pic by Michael Brady/Caters News

“I must have spent 10 minutes having the owl just gazing at me, it really was a special moment, I’ll never forget it.”