By Mike Jones

white puffin has been caught on camera despite being extremely rare within its wider species.

The bird, which could be mistaken for an albino, actually has a slight colouring which is called leucism.

It is so unusual that it was considered mythical by sailors in the 17th Century.

Photographer Mike Bodman, 58, managed to snap the puffin on Skomer Island, which is just off the Pembrokeshire Coast, as it was hiding in the long leafy grass.

PIC FROM Mike Bodman / Caters News

The island, which is managed by The Wildlife Trust of South & West Wales, is home to around 25,000 puffins and only one of these is said to be white.

Mike, from Chippenham in Wiltshire, said: “On this occasion I visited the island to get shots of puffins with sand eels for their pufflings, but I came across the white lecusistc puffin by chance as I didn’t know it was there.

PIC FROM Mike Bodman / Caters News

“I have recently retired so now can spend more time going out and photographing the nature that I find.

“Birds of Prey are usually what I go for, and I love Barn Owls.

“But I love the Island of Skomer, it’s nice to get away from civilisation and back to nature, and the puffins are certainly a spectacle.”