Animals Video

By Christina Wood

A mum has revealed she never has to take her dog to have his nails trimmed – because he clips them himself by BITING them like a human.

Karen Cawthorn, 47, says cockapoo Jarvis was just a puppy when he first began displaying the bizarre habit and she admitted she has never seen anything like it before.

At first the dog owner worried that there was something wrong with the animal’s paws, but soon realised he merely had a penchant for keeping his nails in trim – saving her trips to the vets.

The accountant was forced to catch the two-year-old dog’s unusual behaviour on camera when she says pals refused to believe her.


Karen from Pontefract, in West Yorkshire, said: “It’s just bizarre. It just thought it was a bit odd. I’ve had dogs all my life but I’ve never seen anything like this before. We thought it was quite unique.

“He started doing it when he was a few months old, we weren’t sure if it was something this type of dog normally does but I think it’s just something that he does.

“There isn’t a reason why he does it. My first thought was that there might be something wrong with his paws but there isn’t. There is no irritation and no soreness.


“I think he has got a bit of a habit. Sometimes I’ll think ‘what’s that noise?’ when I hear the crunching sound of him biting his nails.

“When I had a friend over she couldn’t believe what she was hearing.”

Despite owning several dogs, Karen has never come across another dog biting their own nails and admits it is just a strange habit that the young pooch has picked up.

Karen said: “People didn’t believe me when I told them so that’s why I decided to take the video. Everyone thinks it’s really funny and strange.

“I was just having a cuddle with him when he started doing it and I thought I would try and catch him. Usually it doesn’t work but he was just enjoying it too much on this occasion.

“A lot of people have said they’ve never seen anything like it before and that their dog doesn’t do it.”