Video Viral


By Kim Reader

This adorable video shows the moment a baby is literally BLOWN OVER by his first sneeze.

The hilarious footage shows five-week-old Oliver Mason face-planting onto the sofa from the force of his ‘first big sneeze’ as mum Emily Hannaford, 19, looks on in hysterics.

First-time mum Emily said her ‘sweet’ tot’s sneeze-induced topple has had her fiancé Arron Mason, 20, and all their friends and family in stitches – and is the best thing she has ever filmed.

As well as being a memory to ‘cherish forever’, proud parents Emily and Arron claim they will bring out the funny footage to embarrass their son in front of his first girlfriend and on his 18th birthday.


Retail assistant Emily, of Paignton, Devon, said: “I had him propped up on the sofa and made sure he was secure. He’s so alert and nosey that he hates lying down, he likes to see what’s going on.

“I had just got my phone out to film and he sneezed and toppled over. It was so funny, it’s the best thing I’ve ever captured. It literally looks like he has been blown over by his sneeze.

“And it almost looked like it was happening in slow motion. It was just brilliant. He couldn’t have done it better if he’d tried.

“Afterwards he just lay there for about five minutes looking like ‘What happened there? How did I get down here?’. I think he was confused by it, it is his first big sneeze.

“I was just in hysterics. It is such a sweet video. I sent it to my fiancé straight away and he was laughing for such a long time and he showed it to all his work mates.

“All the family have seen it too and everyone thinks it is hilarious, they love it.

“It’s definitely a moment we’re going to cherish and hold onto forever. We’ll be embarrassing Oliver showing it to him on his 18th birthday and to his first girlfriend. It will be like his trademark.”

Oliver was so worn out by the ‘confusing’ sneeze ordeal that he went straight to sleep after.


This is not the first time little Oliver has given his mum and dad the giggles as the baby boy is known for his amusing facial expressions and squeaks in response to questions.

New parents Emily and Arron have been together for 14 months and plan to get married in 2019.

While it has been a bit of a whirlwind romance, Emily said she ‘just knew it was right’ when she met Arron and the pair couldn’t wait to start a family together.

Emily said: “Things have happened quite quickly with Arron but when I met him I just knew it was right.

“And we are loving being new parents, we’re so happy. We will definitely have more kids but not until Oliver is two or three.

“He is just so sweet. He’s always giving you little smiles and if you ask a question he squeaks. It’s perfectly timed.

“And he’s got the best facial expressions. You can have a full conversation with him and each face he pulls will be perfect for whatever you said.

“He’s obviously so bright because he has been so alert since the day he was born. I am such a proud mum.”