Animals Video

By Luke Kenton

This is the heart-warming moment that two dogs are finally rescued after several days of roaming a sewer, where they had been dumped and left to die.

The two poorly pooches look tentative and afraid as seasoned vet, Ovidiu Rosu, made his approach to rescue them from the pipes in Pitesti, Romania, after several days of roaming in the dark.

The neglected pups are thought to have been down in the sewer for nearly a week, with only each other to seek comfort in.

After the difficult task of safely tranquilizing the frail figures in a half-flooded cesspit, Ovidiu manages to hoist the mix-breed pair out its depths using climbing equipment.


Ovidiu said: “The dogs were incredibly scared when I first found them.

“They were almost hiding away from me.

“Though they had been in there nearly a week, thank fully they weren’t too skinny, as someone had been throwing them down food.

“Thankfully everything went smoothly and there were no injuries in the tranquilization or extraction process.”

In an operation that took four hours, the doggy duo have recovered well, with one of the pair having already been adopted.