Offbeat Video

By David Aspinall 

This unlucky girl’s attempt at the floor is lava challenge really is rubbish as she manages to flip a bin upside down and pour garbage all over herself.

While strolling through the centre of Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Juan Pablo Ianotti tasks his sister Micaela with finding high ground as per the viral challenge.

Clambering on to the nearest platform, Micaela sits on the top of a trash can completely oblivious to the fact it moves.

Within seconds, she is tipped upside down on to the pavement as the rubbish contents falls all over her, leaving Juan Pablo in stitches.

Juan Pablo said: “Neither of us could believe it happened and just fell about laughing.

“Micaela was so unlucky that happened.

“Fortunately, nothing was hurt but her pride and there was just a bit of rubbish on her clothes.”