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sugar gliders

By Ben Walley

A woman has trained her 17 sugar gliders to perform the most remarkable tricks.

Nurmaya Sari Siregar, 44, from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia has looked after 17 sugar gliders since 2013 and is expecting three more.

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The animal lover who also owns three dogs and a tortoise has shown incredible control over the wild marsupials.

Nurmaya said: ““I started keeping them 2005 but only for six months before starting again in 2013.

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“Of course they’re cute and unique for marsupials in that they have different colouration in genetic mutation.

“They are very smart creatures and easy to take everywhere because of their small size. I started training them two years ago.

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“Their characteristics depend on their age and how often you play with them but they’re still a wild animal and still unpredictable

“The younger they are when you start to handle them, the better.

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“They are a colony animal, territorial and dominant.

If they used to in a big number, they lot more tolerance, share and protect each other, playful to each other.

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“Each single sugar glider has different personalities and skills; my favourite is the one I mostly go out with, even on holiday I bring them with me.

“If you want to keep sugar gliders as pets you better neuter them and play with them as much you can as well as better not having other pets about that will threatening them.”