Video Viral
subway train

 By David Aspinall

This is the bonkers moment a daredevil clings to the side and then front of a Moscow subway train traveling between stations.

Fearless Alex Nomernoy appeared to be a normal commuter before stepping out of the moving carriage and dangling between the compartment behind.

After pulling into the city’s Ulitsa 1905 Goda stop, experienced urbexer Alex then sprints through between the train and the tunnel to the driver’s carriage.

Grabbing the headlight, he clings on as the train speeds through to the Barrikadnaya station before jumping off to a waiting friend and the pair bolt from the platform.

Alex said: “I wasn’t scared as I have been doing this as my hobby for five years.

 “As soon as the train stopped we ran away and nobody caught me.

“I have been detained before so I wasn’t keen on that happening again.”