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electric man

By Bilal Kuchay

An Indian man claims he has a remarkable ability to withstand million-volt electric shocks that can otherwise kill a normal person.

Naresh Kumar, 42, from a tiny village in Muzzafarnagar in northern state of Uttar Pradesh, claims he can grab any electric wire with his bare hands, irrespective of the amount of current it carries.

“I can grab any naked electric wire be it 11000KV, 33000KV or 66000  KV with my bare hands and bare feet. I feel nothing,” boasts the father of five.


The man, who works in a government-run hospital and assists doctors in conducting post-mortems, discovered his bizarre ‘talent’ four years ago when he accidentally touched a live wire at a friend’s place but survived unscathed.

“To my surprise I felt not a thing where as my friend, who came for my help, got electric shock and suffered serious burns.

“We were puzzled. I touched the wire again to see if anything happens. To my utter surprise, I couldn’t feel any anything, no current moving in my body,” Kumar says.

Bolstered with the experience, the ‘electric man’ as he likes to be called, started experimenting with his body.

From playing with live electric wires to touching the burning heater coil with bare hands, Kumar pushed himself to see his resistance towards electric current.

He then challenged himself and touched a 440 volts wire, enough to kill a person.  To his and his family’s shock, he survived the high voltage jolt.


“It was magical. I could not believe how I withstood the high voltage but it was then that I realised I was blessed. I believe no voltage can kill me. I am immune to electric shocks,” Kumar says convincingly.

His incredible talent has made him a mini celebrity in his town.  People come from far and wide with requests to show his unbelievable talent.

To prove his mettle, Kumar holds a metallic blade in his mouth and then touch a heater coil.  While he touches the heater coil and the wire, his son touches his hands and feet with a tester. 

The light indicator in the tester then illuminates confirming that current is passing through Kumar’s body but he surprisingly, he does not feel any electric shock.

“I don’t say no to anyone if people seek help from me related to electricity work.

“People call me to check why electricity is not working in their homes or check the wires on their light post and I happily help them.

“God has gifted me this rare power and with this ability, I want to help people as much as I can.  Some day with my talent I will make my country proud,” the man adds.