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fox cub

By Katy Gill

A tangled fox cub was rescued from the netting of a football goal after a family were shocked to see him in their garden.

Simon Cowell at Wildlife Aid carefully cut away at a football net which was wrapped tightly around an adorable fox cub’s paw.

After taking the young fox inside the resident’s home for a run around to check his health, Simon released him in the garden to dart off into the hedge growth.

Pic from WAF/ Caters News

Simon who responded to the call in Sutton, Surrey said:   “We were recently called out to one of our most common rescues – a fox cub trapped in a football net.

“He had got his leg firmly tangled, but luckily after a few cuts I managed to get him free.  The netting had been wrapped tightly around his paw, so we took him into a small room in the house to test if he could still use it well.

“After freeing him from behind the fridge when his leg turned out to be fine, he was released back to the wild to be with his mum.”