Video Viral


By David Aspinall

This is the priceless moment a teenager is reunited with her dad on her 13th birthday after 12 years apart.

Unaware of the impending surprise, Rory Beth Blankenship is double blindfolded as mum Amanda helps her out of the car at Broken Arrow Lanes in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, USA.

After the birthday girl is helped across the car park, as soon as she spots dad James stood with a birthday cake, Rory Beth stands frozen with her mouth agape.

Having recovered, the emotional duo shares a huge overdue embrace before dad breaks it up to gaze into his estranged daughter’s face before pulling her in for another hug.

Amanda said: “”It was so moving to witness their reunion first hand.

“There were definitely lots of tears from myself, her siblings, and even a few bystanders.

“Rory Beth has obviously had always had questions about her dad and wanted to meet him.

“Her response couldn’t have been more perfect.”

“When James left it was a personal decision mainly because his job took him away more often than not.

“We both thought it was for the best.

“Having matured over the years, James and I came to the decision he could re-enter her life.

“That decision was not without a lot of conditions and planning.”