dogs poisoned

By Mollie Mansfield

A traumatised dog owner has been forced to move home after her two dogs were poisoned.

Cocker-spaniels, Manou and Milo, from Hull, Yorks, were both rushed to an emergency vets after eating meat laced with RAT POISON that had been thrown into her back garden.

Picture from Caters News / Lindsey Parnaby

Devastated owner, Sam Waller, 29, didn’t know if her beloved pooches would survive but her mum, Jane Price, 55, managed to prise the drugs from the dogs mouths and quickly sent an image to their trusted dog walker who knew it was rat poison.

The mystery behind why the drug was in her garden is still unknown but Sam and Jane felt so worried that someone was trying to murder her pooch that she decided to move house.

Picture from Caters News / Lindsey Parnaby

After finding out that her dogs had eaten the blood-thinning drug, they moved house as soon as their finances could allow them to.

The pair have now settled in a new home and they are sharing their story as a warning to other pet owners.

Sam said: “The dogs were in the garden when my mum, Jane, noticed them eating something.

Picture from Caters News / Lindsey Parnaby

“She ran out and pulled it from their mouths in an attempt to stop them eating it and I’m so thankful she did.

“After sending a photo of the unknown substance that came out of both Milo and Manou’s mouths to our dog walker,, she told us to go to the vets straight away.

“They’d been poisoned by something disguised as meat.

Picture from Caters News / Lindsey Parnaby

“As soon as we got home we started to feel paranoid and there was no way we could let the dogs go outdoors alone.

“So we decided to move once we could afford to.

Picture from Caters News / Lindsey Parnaby

“Thankfully Manou and Milo have made a full recovery but if we hadn’t have noticed what they’d eaten it could have been a very different story.”

Luckily the dogs were rushed to the emergency vets and were both given injections to throw up any of the poison they had digested.

When the dogs were as healthy as possible, they returned to the family home.

She added: “The dogs couldn’t go anywhere outside of the house without a lead on.

“They would go out in the morning on their lead because we were too on edge to let them roam around.

Picture from Caters News / Lindsey Parnaby

“But we thought we could deal with it and it would just become routine, because financially we couldn’t move out just yet.

“It wasn’t until we saw more rat poison in our back garden that we realised our dogs lives were at risk – whether it was on purpose or accidentally it was lethal.

“It all got too much, so I decided that we needed to move.”

Sam – who works away in Leeds during the week – first bought her two Cocker-spaniels to help cure her anxiety.

The dogs also had to take a course of vitamins and antibiotics to counteract the poison, for seven weeks.

Picture from Caters News / Lindsey Parnaby

On top of this, Jane and Sam have endured charges for moving out of their rented home and into a new one.

Sam said: “We think someone in our old area purposely poisoned our dogs.

“The dogs barking seemed to prompt complaints from some people.

“They were being walked twice a day, but apparently they were still always barking too much.

Picture from Caters News / Lindsey Parnaby

“The dogs were out of the house from 8.30am until 5pm, so when they did get back to the house they were knackered and just sleeping.

“Looking back now, I’m glad that I said no, or who knows what would have happened.

“The blocks the dogs ate were covered in a meat-substance, used to lure rats towards the poison.

“I don’t think some people understand that they’re not just dogs, they’re part of the family.

“We hope other people can now recognise what the poison looks like to ensure it doesn’t happen to their pet.

“We’ve been very lucky but this story could have easily ended very differently.”