Animals Video

By Chris Adams

An adorable video shows the moment a horse soothed a crying baby girl – by deliberately rocking her car seat with his nose.

Stacey Storer said her eight-month-old Ruby was ‘upset and screaming’ during a visit to a friend’s stables in Nottingham before being enchanted by a horse called Red.

Animal-mad Ruby smiled and giggled in delight as Red stuck his neck out of the his stable and rocked her back and forward.


The horse approvingly nudged Ruby’s seat three times to keep it rocking as Stacey and her pal Karen Parsons, who looks after the stables, looked on.

Stacey, a 24-year-old carer from Arnold, Nottinghamshire, said: “I was nearly in tears when I saw her reaction. I was a bit overwhelmed by it.

“When we walked in Ruby was really upset and screaming and generally not enjoying herself.

“But when she saw Red she stopped crying and just stared at him so we brought her over to sit near his stable.

“She’s been up there with me before but never interacted with the animals like that.


“It was such a magical moment. I’ve grown up around horses – I used to have three – and I want it to be the same for her.

“I was a bit worried when she wasn’t enjoying it at first but as soon as she sat down with Red it was like someone had flicked a switch.

“She kept pointing and looking at him and she was loving it when he started rocking the car seat.

“I don’t know how Red had that much of an influence on her but she slept well that night.”


Animal fans Stacey and Ruby have pets at home including Mylo, a German Shorthaired Pointer, and two tortoises called Arthur and Martha.

Stacey said: “You want to bring your children up to respect animals and the bond that Ruby seems to have with Red is incredible.

“She’s not been well recently and she was in A&E a few weeks ago so she’s had a rough time of it.

“But seeing things like this makes me so happy. I didn’t really expect Red to acknowledge her let alone play with her seat.

“I think Ruby would happily have sat there all day. You could see the excitement in her face. We’re going to try to go up there every week now.”