By Laura Dale 

This kingfisher turned into a court jester to try and get its meal – juggling a crab into its beak.

Pic by Aditya Sapre / Caters News 

The white-throated kingfisher was pictured up in a branch trying to force its catch into its beak by throwing it into the air.

But the crab appeared to put up a good fight, scrapping with its claws and legs to stop itself from being swallowed.

The scene was captured by 27-year-old wildlife photographer Aditya Sapre in Jabaipur City, India.

 Pic by Aditya Sapre / Caters News

Aditya said: “I captured this white-throated kingfisher trying to kill the crab in my garden.

“I was watching the bird for about half an hour while it was clearly hunting for food.

“Suddenly he spotted the crab and swooped in to grab it.

 Pic by Aditya Sapre / Caters News 

“It took the kingfisher five tries to scoop the crab up and take it to a branch, but it still could not eat it.

“The bird kept trying to kill it and swallow it, but the crab fought back for at least two minutes.

Pic by Aditya Sapre / Caters News

“Eventually the kingfisher managed to break the crab’s claws, leaving it defenceless.”