Video Viral


By Charles Creasey

A student caught the moment a trio of peckish ducks appeared to DANCE in perfect unison to 90s hit ‘What is Love’ as they begged for food.

Business studies student Nick Gledhill was taking a revision break at Lancaster University with pal Joe Harmes when the birds waddled up to them as they sat down to eat.

Management student Joe, 20, dangled the chicken bake over the eager animals, who began to bob their heads in perfect unison.

Nick, 20, started filming as Joe conducted the ducks in time to the striking chords of Haddaway’s ‘What Is Love’ and the created a video of the hilarious scene on loop.

Nick, said:  “We couldn’t believe it, we got some odd looks as we were watching the video on loop for about 5 minutes and laughing hysterically, rolling about on the steps like maniacs.

“I was laughing about it for ages – a lot of people commented on the video saying it was ‘awesome’.”

Nick and Joe were sat eating a chicken bake and a tuna baguette earlier this month (June 11) – and it didn’t take long for the ducks to get wind of the food.

Nick said:  “As soon as we sat down we had ducks pestering us like they do every day. They started getting on our nerves after 20 minutes.
“They wouldn’t leave us alone because we were the only people there with food.

“One particularly feisty mallard wouldn’t let up on the chicken bake and was knocking lady ducks out of the way – he was obviously top of the pecking order.

“Joe started waving a bit of the bake about and the mallard started following it and bobbing about, which as a pair of immature students we found hilarious and started laying a beat under his dancing.

“We both realised we were humming the Haddaway classic so I put it on Spotify and got out my phone, by this time some other ducks had gained interest.”

The lads filmed the ducks as they bobbed their heads and then created a funny video they shared with pals.

Nick said: “Joe moved the bake to the music like a £1.99 flaky pastry metronome and the ducks started moshing to it for a while, which made me laugh.

“We couldn’t believe we’d caught them dancing in one try – you might say that we just ‘winged’ it and it paid off.

“When they bobbed in perfect time with the music it was just complete luck.

“A lot of people made duck puns when they saw it –I clearly ‘Haddaway’ with birds that day.”

According to the first year student, the Lancaster University ducks are well known across campus.

Nick said: “The ducks are really friendly. They eat out of your hands and if you’re a student at Leicester you’re going to have to feed them at some point.

“They’re all around campus, they come out every day because they know they are going to get fed.

“I kept watching the video throughout the day and quacking up over it.”