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Limbless Indonesian

By Bilal Kuchay

A limbless Indonesian teenager has triumphed over adversity by creating mesmerising artworks with his mouth.

PIC BY Albert Ivan Damanik/ CATERS NEWS 

19-year-old Ahmad Prayoga from North Sumatra, Indonesia, lost both his arms and legs in a terrible accident two years ago but that did not deter the young man from dreaming big.

Using his mouth to hold a paint brush, Ahmad creates strokes by moving his head and brings beautiful landscapes to life on canvas.

“I wish to fill my life with colours. Painting makes me feel liberated and gives me a reason to live,” says the young artist.

PIC BY Albert Ivan Damanik/ CATERS NEWS 

Ahmad was working as a street vendor in Deli Serdang, North Sumatra in May 2015 when his life took an ugly turn. He accidentally touched a live electric cable and received severe burns.

Unfortunately, the severity of the burns meant Ahmad had to have his hands and legs amputated.

“I was not wearing my shoes and my hands were also wet when I accidentally touched the electric cable.

“It was a strong jolt. I received severe burns and to save my life, doctors had to amputate Both my hands and legs.

PIC BY Albert Ivan Damanik/ CATERS NEWS

“Within hours from someone who used to work on the streets, I had become a completely bed-ridden person.

“After the incident, I used to cry for hours and imagine what life has become for me. I was working to earn for my family and now here I was completely dependent on them from changing my clothes to taking a bath or having food,” he said.

However, gradually Ahmad got used to his condition and started devoting much time to his hobby which has now become his passion.

PIC BY Albert Ivan Damanik/ CATERS NEWS

“Painting was my hobby since childhood but let me confess it that I was never a good painter.

“After the accident I met Jenny Ong from Smiling Kids Foundation who encouraged me to start painting again.

“I completely devoted myself to this art. It was not an easy job for me to hold a brush in my mouth and paint but my family and friends kept motivating me and with time I have become comfortable painting like this,” he added.

The teen wishes to become a famous name in the art circuit of his country.

PIC BY Albert Ivan Damanik/ CATERS NEWS 

“Ahmad is a brave guy. I’m proud of my son how he has overcome his disability and is creating such amazing art work.

“I pray my son becomes a famous artist because for him, painting is no more a hobby but a reason to live,” said Ahmad’s mother, Sri Rahayu.