Animals Video

By Luke Kenton

This is the bizarre moment a stampede of sheep and other farmyard animals invade an Italian highway, causing complete carnage on the roads.

Causing gridlock traffic in northern Italy, a herd of a hundred sheep, a few horses and a singular cow are causing chaos for Ryan Schultz and his family, as they try to cross the Swiss border.

Sat stunned by the bizarre events unfolding before them, Mrs. Schultz declares she’s ‘so happy she could cry’, despite the flailing flock continuing to flow past their car.

As the horde of herbivores begins to thin, amazingly all the animals manage to stay perfectly aligned among the tumultuous traffic, queuing the Schultzes to comment on the ‘amazing’ work the of the sheepdogs.

Ryan, a student originally from Davis, California, USA, said: “It was hilarious, I had no idea this is something you could run into while driving in Italy.

“Apparently it was just a sheep herder moving his flock across the highway.

“I’ve never seen anything like this before, surely there was a safer way to move them all.

“There were hundreds of sheep in total, it was so interesting to watch.”