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Comical footage from Glenrose, Texas, has captured the moment a woman is bit by an impatient ostrich at a local wildlife center.

In the footage Holly Bennett, 41, is caught off guard by ostriches at the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center.

Holly, whose husband is currently deployed overseas with the Air National Guard, was visiting the wildlife center as a teaching experience for her two-year-old triplets.

“I was trying to expose the kids to wildlife since they are learning animals and the sounds they make,” said Holly.

“Wyatt, Beau, and Savannah Bennett along with the nannies were all in the car with me, as was my sister Kristine.”


The family was was on their way out when they encountered the ostriches and decided it was a great opportunity to get up close and personal with them.

“Just as we were about to leave the park I fed the ostriches at the exit.”

After the first ostrich came across as aggressive Holly decided to move forward to the next one (seen in the video).

“I pulled forward to the next ostrich – this one was gentle with the first food pellet.”

Completely unaware of what was about to happen Holly can actually be heard saying ‘oh, you’re a nice one’ and reaching into the car for more food.

“I was telling it to wait so I could get more food.


First that one got my finger in it’s beak- then when I turned to get more food, it bit me on the back of the arm.”

As the events unfold a combination of screams and laughter can be heard from the car.

Holly, who now has a bruise on her arm as a reminder of the attack, was able to see the funnier side of things.

“I joked afterwards that it had tried to take my wedding ring.”

Not shying away form the comedy of the events Holly decided to share the experience to her Instagram page, BennettTriplets.