Offbeat Video

By Luke Kenton

This is the spellbinding moment a toddler opens some automatic doors with what he thinks are magical powers.

At the Denver Zoo, Colorado, USA, little Jace Sicking channels his inner Harry Potter as he showcases some wizard-like skills in the muggle world.

With complete composure, the two-year-old tot marches towards the door with arms clasped by his side and looks up in bewilderment as they appear to move on his command.

Attempting to out-do his first attempt, Jace takes a bigger run-up, raising his arms high above his head and commands to doors to ‘open’, which uncannily they do right away.

Dad Justin said: “This may be the first time Jace has actually encountered an automatic door on his own, and he was fascinated.

“He was so entranced with his seeming ability to control the doors with a wave of a hand, he actually thought he was magic.

“My wife and I thought it was hilarious and ridiculously cute, we watched on in amazement.

“The timing of the door’s movement couldn’t have been any more perfect.

“We’ve probably watched it over 100 times now.”

Attempting the trick several times, Jace soon seems too overcome himself with his own capabilities as he runs back to his dad, Justin, looking rather worried. Not yet realizing the doors are automatic.

Justin said: “I’m not too familiar with the Hogwarts’ admission process, or if he’s eligible as a US citizen.

“But we’d be two very proud mudbloods if he were to be invited to attend the famous school of witchcraft and wizardry.

“He’s quite the entertainer, he’s always doing funny things.”