Video Viral

By Jos Weale

A ‘careless’ learner motorcyclist was caught on camera getting ‘more than he bargained for’ while overtaking traffic at a junction – when he ploughed head-on into a traffic light.

In the footage, the ‘out of control’ biker appears to gather speed while positioned between two lanes, but inexplicably careers into the traffic island instead, sending him flying.

The dazed learner is seen belly-flopping into the pedestrian crossing as his helmet flies off and stunned drivers jump of out their cars to help.

Michael Hilton, who caught the blunder on his dash cam, claims that although unharmed, the red-faced motorcyclist is a prime example of why learner bikers need more guidance on the roads.

Coach driver Michael, who witnessed the crash on Samlet Road in Swansea on Friday (June 9), said: “You can definitely see the inexperience in him.

“I’ve been driving professionally for years, it’s not the first time I’ve seen a crash. He had no experience or control – He was out of control.

“I’d say he was careless, he didn’t know what he was doing.  You look at the guy’s positioning and there was no way he was turning left.

“It could have been a lot worse, there could have been pedestrians there where he crashed.

“The bike was still running, you could see its wheels spinning.

“His basket fell off the bike too.”

Michael, from Swansea, claims the bumbling biker wasn’t intending to turn left, so said there is no chance of the incident being a case of mistaken lanes.

Michael, 36, said: “The car in front of me went off as normal and the biker was coming along the side of us

“I thought at first there was a chance he was going in between the car and the railings.

“If it was a fault with the engine that wouldn’t show in the footage, but you can clearly see he was going to go straight on. You can’t see his brake lights on.

“He had been filtering through traffic on the way up to the crossing.”

And though the motorcyclist appeared to be unscathed, Michael said the incident serves as a warning to inexperienced road users.

Michael said: “You just think, ‘did that really happen in front of me?’

“My first thought was ‘is he alright?’

“I couldn’t stop as I had passengers on board but as soon as we could see he was okay we went on.

“Everyone who saw seemed just as shocked as I was. The passengers on board were shocked as well – it was nice to see so many people help.

“You just feel you can see inexperienced motorcyclists from miles away.

“People just want to get home, but at busy times they should have someone who is more experienced with them.”