swan dabbing

By Becca Husselbee 

A photographer took this hilarious picture of a swan washing himself in a lake, who appears to be ‘dabbing’.

Dave Flynn, a full-time photographer from Kent, took the photo at Kelsey Park, in Beckenham, in May this year.

He caught the swan at the exact moment in which he appears to be ‘dabbing’, a dance move similar to the famous gesture by Olympic sprinter, Usain Bolt – and copied over the last year by everyone from Prince Harry to Tom Hanks – and Labour Deputy Leader Tom Watson was even caught dabbing during PMQs.

Dave said: “I always watch the animal’s behaviour, by doing so you get to learn a little bit about them so you can be ready to capture any natural movements.

“The swan began by ducking its head under the water a few times – a sure sign that they are about to begin their washing process.

“I got myself into position with my camera ready and captured a few frames as he washed himself.

“It can be quite comical to watch as the swan appears to throw himself under the water. “