Animals Video

BY Luke Kenton

This is the incredible moment an inventive elk outfoxes a cattle-grid blockage in search of a new feeding ground.

At the National Bison Range in Montana, USA, on May 28, one enormous elk has grown dissatisfied with his regular food and is in search of pastures new.

The only issue for this antlered explorer, is a cattle grid standing in his way, a contraption designed to trap its hooves and protect the tasty grass beyond.

Walking over to the very edge, the huge elk delicately tiptoes through the gaps in the guard’s joinery, navigating its way through without a hitch before bounding into the green field ahead.

Chad Carmen, digital media director at the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, said: “Elk are inherently intelligent creatures, so I won’t be surprised to see others follow in this one’s footsteps.

“It’s always incredible to see this creature exhibiting such clever behaviour.

“With more than one million acres of land, we are always blessed with interesting encounters such as this one.

“Our mission is to preserve and protect the future of Elk and other wildlife native to the area, so for years to come we can enjoy wonderful encounters such as these.”

To learn more about the work the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation do, visit here.