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By Charles Wade-Palmer

An artist who was left completely paralysed after being shot now paints jaw-dropping celebrity portraits – using her MOUTH.

Inspiring Mariam Pare, from Chicago, was left a quadriplegic when shot in the back, but through sheer determination is now living out her dream as a professional artist.

PIC FROM Mariam Pare / Caters News 

Soon after graduating from art school Mariam, 41, was caught in crossfire as she was driving to a friend’s house, but soon found a whole new way to paint again incredibly using only her mouth.

Mariam said: “I’ve always been an artist, I was at art school painting at a very sophisticated level and it was what I wanted to do with my life.

“As a disabled person who couldn’t use her hands I thought I would never paint again or work again I couldn’t fathom it. I needed people to take care of me and I couldn’t even live by my own.

PIC FROM Mariam Pare / Caters News 

“I was told to use my mouth to sign my name at which point I realised how much control I had I also realised my control was the same and my signature was the same which was the lightbulb moment.”

“When I had this life changing injury where I couldn’t use my hands I felt compelled to find a way to be an artist again.”

Mariam was on her way to a friend’s house 21 years ago as a passenger in her friend’s car when she was caught in crossfire and a bullet penetrated her spine.

PIC FROM Mariam Pare / Caters News 

The artist survived the shooting but with quadriplegia which meant she could no longer use her hands to hold a brush to canvas.

Mariam said: “Somebody was shooting a gun on the corner and the car that I was in was struck with one of the bullets which one passed through the head rest and hit me in the back.

PIC FROM Mariam Pare / Caters News 

“At the time I didn’t even know I was shot, I didn’t see who had shot me or why yet it changed my life forever.

“Witnesses were scared of coming forward in spite of a 10,000 dollar reward no one came forward.

“I think I’m proof that this can happen to anyone, it’s not a poverty problem it’s an American problem.”

PIC FROM Mariam Pare / Caters News 

The professional mouth-artist first discovered she could paint without her hands when asked to sign a document by holding a pen in her lips.

Mariam who previously avoided portraits now paints celebrities in jaw-dropping detail from David Bowie to Donald Trump.

Mariam said: “My skill was still coming out through my mouth even if I wasn’t that good first I felt a remarkable sense of control.

“I knew I had to keep trying and practicing and here I am now. I think my success story is that I was able to follow the dreams I set myself despite being quadriplegic.

PIC FROM Mariam Pare / Caters News 

“In art school my work was very academic, I was doing life studies and landscapes the very traditional oil paintings I wanted to be a fine artist.

“I’d always been afraid of portraits before and it’s only in the last few years that I tried portraits and I was quite good at them.

Mariam’s work will appear in a few gallery exhibitions this year in Chicago including her first solo exhibition in August.

PIC FROM Mariam Pare / Caters News 

She said those impressed with her work are shocked when they discover it was by her mouth.

Mariam said: “I often want my work to stand for itself without people knowing it came from my mouth.

PIC FROM Mariam Pare / Caters News 

“When people do find out they’re very impressed or don’t know even know how I manage it but it’s like second nature for me now and I can’t even remember what it’s like to use my hands.

“I owe a lot to my dad, he’s very proud of me but he’s the one who always encouraged me to be an artist all my life.”