Amazing Offbeat

By Sarah Francis

A young woman has revealed how she made a living through paid dates.

As a ‘professional dater’ Sophia Chartreuse, 23, was wined and dined to the tune of thousands.

After moving to New York when she was 19, Sophia joined to help her pay the rent.

In one year on the paid dating site the photographer had banked over $15,000.

For each first date she made roughly $100 and once was even paid $300 to be taken out.


The Portland, Oregon native even claimed it was a fun way for single looking for Valentines dates.

Sophia said: “My friend told me about it and I had to try it out.

“I was curiosity, impulsive and had champagne taste but a beer budget.

“Also I was in New York and felt like I couldn’t afford to really experience New York.

“I remember being really awkward about it at first.

“I was 20 and trying to make an impression on people double my age, it really tested my social skills.

“I’m fairly introverted and generally not that good with people, and doing this really forced me out of my shell which was cool.


“I think in the beginning most of the dates were day-time coffee dates, like really short ones – probably because I was so awkward. But they got a lot better and more adventurous.

“I went on a ton of dates.”

Sophia explained how daters on the site offer women cash to take them on the first date.

She said: “Well the site is set up so people send you offers.

“Usually somewhere between $50 and $200 with the average being $100.

“The highest offer I received that actually panned out was $300.

“It was this business guy visiting New York and just not wanting to go out alone I guess.”

Sophia said the money allowed her to save money for a deposit, as well as fiance her fast-paced lifestyle in the city.


Although Sophia is single, she claims she still keeps in contact with some of the people she met on the site.

She added: “Even though it was kind of superficial, it got me through and kept me entertained.

“I still talk to a handful of the people I met on there, it’s kind of crazy.

“I went into it with like a fake name and everything and ended up with some not so fake friends.”