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hungry python


By Taniya Dutta

Dramatic visuals show the moment a wildlife activist trying to save a goat from the clutches of a 10-foot-long python.

The python had strayed into the house of a villager in Tezpur in Assam and captured its meal in broad daylight.

However, as it dragged the goat out of the shanty, villagers noticed the harrowing scene and came out with sticks and batons to kill it.


But the python was rescued by Sorav Borkotoki, who has so far rescued 500 snakes and pythons, after he was called in for help.

Visuals captured on mobile camera show the giant wriggly reptile coiled around the black goat as it prepares to devour it but is stopped by the rescuer.

The passionate wildlife lover smoothly gets hold of the python, opens its mouth and takes out the goat as shocked villagers watch in sheer horror.

But unfortunately, the goat had succumbed to its injuries.

“My first intent was to save the goat and then protect the python. The villagers were angry and wanted to kill it. But I made them understand that it was just hungry and strayed into the village in search of food.

“By the time I had reached, the goat had died,” said Bokotoki.

The rescuer took the python to his room where he is looking after it before he leaves it into the wild.