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lorry driver


By Kim Reader

A ‘reckless’ lorry driver was caught hurtling down the middle of a narrow road – almost taking out a biker as it squeezes between THREE cyclists and TWO bikers.

Footage shows the trucker, estimated to be travelling at ’50mph’, tries to take over a trio of cyclists on his left by veering halfway across the lane of oncoming traffic.

Glen Pass was one of the motorcyclists forced to dodge the lorry and the video shows him being squeezed between the trees on one side and the HGV on the other.

The 36-year-old claimed the driver’s ‘reckless and ridiculous’ decision to plough on through such a small gap could have cost lives.

Senior administrator Glen, of Leeds, Yorks, said: “I saw the lorry coming and I was thinking ‘he cannot be going for that gap’.


“I actually shook my head in disbelief when he went past my mate Steve in front. It was unbelievable.

“At those speeds and with that tiny amount of room, if anything at all had gone wrong with my bike or one of the cyclists we would have been under the wheels and dead – there’s no two ways about it.

“It wouldn’t matter what body armour you’re wearing, you’re talking about a serious amount of tonnes travelling at 50mph. If you went under it, there’d be no way out of that situation.

“He wasn’t speeding but he wasn’t tootling past at a slow speed to be careful. It was incredibly reckless and dangerous.”

The near-miss took place at around 2pm on June 3 (SAT) on the B6451 near Harrogate, north Yorkshire, which has a 60mph speed limit for cars and a 50 mph limit for HGVs.

The single carriageway is well-known for being very popular with bikers, according to Glen, due to the nice views.

Since getting his motorcycle licence back in 2004, Glen said encountering ‘idiot drivers’ who he claims ignore motorbikes and bicycles has been an ‘everyday’ occurrence.

But the keen biker said this professional lorry driver ‘had no excuse’ as he was travelling down a straight road.

Glen said: “With all the information out there on how much space you should leave when passing vulnerable road users, what that driver did was shocking.

“He had a group of cyclists on one side and us bikers on the other, both vulnerable, and he didn’t leave any room. I had a foot of space maximum.

“It’s ridiculous, especially for a driver who is meant to be a professional and has done even more tests than your average driver.

“Since I got my licence I’ve had to deal with idiot drivers every day. People are so used to looking out for cars that they just don’t see bikers or cyclists.

“I don’t know whether this was a case of him being impatient or him not seeing us but if it was the latter, he has absolutely no excuse.

“He was travelling on a straight road so it’s not like he had just come around a bend and was taken by surprise. He definitely would have seen us from his elevated position and that road is known for being very popular with bikers.

“As I say, I’ve become a bit blasé about it because I’m so used to it now but it’s sad that I have to be that way.”