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Thrilling footage from Esperance, Western Australia, has captured an adventure cyclist’s numerous encounters with wild kangaroos.

A compilation of videos show several near collisions and fast paced races with the local kangaroos.

The GoPro footage was captured by Jake Meadley, 45, at the local Mountain Bike Park in Esperance.

Jake, a school chaplain, has been cycling since childhood.


“Been cycling since I was 8, it’s my de-stress time, and I go up to the local mountain bike park most afternoons,” explains Jake.

Jake is always expecting an encounter but is never quite sure how the spooked kangaroos will react.

“We have some resident kangaroos at the track so am guaranteed to see at least one kangaroo every ride.”

While most kangaroos retreat for the bushes Jake recalls encounters when the kangaroos preferred to try and outrun him instead.

“On a particular day a mate and I had only been on the track 2 minutes when we came across this little guy.”

“We had a mini race – best encounter I’ve ever had with a roo!

While Jake has had several near collisions with kangaroos thankfully none have ever been harmed.

“There are a number of other occasions where I have almost run over a kangaroo.”

“But the kangaroos are quite fine and just hop away.”