Offbeat Video
birthday visit

By Luke Kenton

This is the adorable moment a grandma is so overwhelmed with shock when her daughter pays a birthday visit, she slams the door in her face not once, but twice.

After making the near 1000-mile journey from New Jersey, to Palm Coast, Florida, USA, Colleen Kern finally arrived at the front-door of her mother Donna’s house on the morning of her 75th birthday.

With a ring of the tuneful bell, Donna emerges from a small opening behind the door with her eyes wide and mouth agape, before silently slamming the door back in her daughter’s face in disbelief.

Again, Donna opens the door trying to make sense of Colleen standing before her, but the shock overcomes the septuagenarian, and she closes the door for a second time.

When she finally emerges for the third time, the tearful grandmother humorously replies to her daughter’s request to come in, with ‘no you can’t, what are you doing here’.

Granddaughter Emily, who helped her mum to orchestrate the surprise, said: “My mum was so excited to see her, as she lives so far away we don’t get to see her very often.

“It’s been about seven months since we last saw her, so we wanted to make her birthday a special one.

“My mum found my grandma’s reaction so funny, now when they both watch the video back, they laugh until they cry.

“She had absolutely no idea my mum was coming, my grandpa was in on the surprise and ensured she’d be home.

“My mom stayed for a week, and they both went shopping, out for dinner and just generally spent quality time together.

“I think it’s my turn to surprise her next time.”