Offbeat Video
chase scene

By Chris Adams

Hilarious home CCTV footage shows the moment a teenager dropped his GCSE revision to chase a fox out of his garden after it tried to savage one of his pet chickens – creating a Benny Hill-esque madcap chase scene between the three.

Evan Davies was studying for exams at home in Newbridge, south Wales, when he heard a commotion from the driveway as the fox ripped feathers from the plucky bird.

The fleet-footed 15-year-old can be seen dashing topless and barefoot out of the house to scare off the fox, which had done two laps of the house pursuing the frightened hen.

The episode was captured from all angles by four CCTV cameras installed at the home by Evan’s dad Carl – and despite the savaging from the fox, the chicken escaped uninjured.

Carl, 44, who runs a recycling business, said: “I think Evan feared for the bird’s life. We’ve built an electric fence to stop the foxes but they’re crafty buggers.

“There were feathers flying everywhere. The way he gave chase to it was bloody hilarious.

“The problem is we live in a big converted barn and we’re surrounded by green fields so there’s always something trying to sneak in.

“He’s a bit of a character that fox. We’ve encountered him before and basically he’s jumped over the electric fence.

“When Evan gave chase to him he just legged it out of there and jumped over a different part to escape.

“We keep the three chickens as domestic pets really, just to provide eggs for the family. We don’t keep them cooped up so they just roam freely in the garden.

“We let them out first thing in the morning and bring them at dusk. That’s the best life for them, if they can avoid being attacked.

“Thankfully this one escaped with just a few feathers missing. She put up a cracking fight.”

Carl, who is married to PE teacher Tracy and also has a 13-year-old son, Ethan, said people were surprised that the fox was not more deadly.

After twice catching up with the hen, the fox was unable to pin it down and kill it, clawing just a handful of feathers from the bird’s back before Evan gave chase.

Carl said: “People say that if a fox gets near a chicken then they will kill it straight away but I think that’s only the case if they’re in a confined space.

“That’s why we let the hens roam. If they were all penned in together the fox probably would have killed all of them.

“I was away with work at the time and Tracy was out so it was just Evan at home. He heard the commotion from downstairs and just instinctively ran out.

“The great thing about the cameras is that you can see the whole drama unfold. When the fox caught the chicken by the table and chairs I thought that was it.

“I came home and saw all the feathers on the drive and asked Evan about it and he explained and we had a good laugh watching it back.

“The hen is fine and hopefully the fox won’t intrude again. She’s still laying eggs so it’s all good.”

Evan said: “I didn’t really think about the fact I had no shoes or shirt on. I just wanted the fox gone.”