Animals Offbeat

By Charles Wade-Palmer

If you think your pet takes up too much room on the sofa, sapre a thought for the Texas couple who share their home with a 180stone BUFFALO.

Ronnie, 60, and Sherron Bridges, 44, from Texas, sold their herd of 52 buffalo in 2004 and replaced them with one calf they decided to treat rather differently.

It was Sherron’s idea to bring the 180 stone beast, called Wild Thing, into the home and giving him his own room to watch his favourite action movies.

He’s almost killed his owners on more than one occassion due to his sheer size – but that doesn’t stop Sherron and Ronnie from letting him eat his breakfast from their kitchen table.

Sherron said: “It was my idea to bring Wild Thing in the house when he was a young calf I said we should bring him in.

“I told Ronnie, he only lives once so we might as well do something different with him.

PIC BY Rasy Ran/ Caters News

Ronnie said: “He is the real life bull in a china shop although I’m surprised he doesn’t do more damage with his 400lbs head when he comes and goes as he pleases.

“It’s like a car coming through the house, he has his own room where he watches TV but his favourite room requires a bit of furniture moving to get him in each time.

PIC BY Rasy Ran/ Caters News

The American couple sold their herd after Ronnie lost vision in his left eye due to illness and could no longer do the job demanded of keeping so many.

Wild Thing is now entering middle age at eleven-years-old – and has now even become good pals with Ronnie and Sherron’s pack of wolves.

Ronnie said: “Wild Thing is such a part of our family that he was my best man when we got married ten years ago.

“It’s always a tight squeeze whenever you want to walk past him in the house and luckily all our doorways are big enough for him.

PIC BY Rasy Ran/ Caters News

“He has a barn and land to walk about in but he loves coming in to watch TV, he likes fast moving stuff so doesn’t care much for the news.

“It’s taken ten years for him to let my wife brush him and he’s not safe for other people to come near.

PIC BY Rasy Ran/ Caters News

“Something spooked him and he hit me between his horns and carried on running with me holding on, my wife thought I was dead!

“Bears are way more safe than buffalo which are the largest land mammal native to North America.

PIC FROM Caters New

“But we wouldn’t have life any other way. He’s our pet and we love him.”