Animals Video

By Luke Kenton

This is the incredible moment three adorable kittens are rescued from a cold, dark drainpipe.

After receiving a call from a concerned homeowner in Detroit, Michigan, USA, who heard meowing beneath his house, rescuers from the Michigan Humane Society were called into action.


Using a nylon rope to entice the kitty to latch on with its claws, Chris Ouwerkwerk, reaches down the narrow chute and pulls out a soaking wet and shivering kitty.

However, as he was loading the moggy into the van, Chris heard more faint meowing and returned to rescue two further kittens from the same pipe.

Chris said: “The second kitten was about six feet below the ground, in another entrance to the pipe, with no way of getting out.

“It was only by complete chance that I heard it crying, I knew I had to go back and investigate.”

Using a ‘kitten sounds’ app, Chris and his colleagues were able to coax the kitty higher up the pipe with synthetic meows, hauling it back up to the safety of the surface.


But during the extraction of the second cat, Chris’ work was still not done with more distressed noises could be heard coming from the notorious pipe.

Chris said: “Trying for the third one was like fishing, we just couldn’t get a bite.

“We decided to give it a break, we took the first two back to the rescue centre where they could be bathed and left the rope in the pipe for the third to interact with.

“Surely enough, we pulled the lid off the pipe to find him hanging there waiting for us.

“We got really lucky and so did the kitten.

“The all recovered well from the ordeal and have all found loving homes after being adopted.”

Founded in 1877, the Michigan Humane Society rescue thousands of animals every year. To learn more about the incredible work they do, visit