Offbeat Video

By David Aspinall

This is the painful moment an unlucky kayaker slides down a river bank straight into a tree, wrapping his body around the trunk.

The wince-inducing sight was captured by Korey Boucher as his friend Jon Momeyer attempted to recreate a trick a kayaking buddy had suggested to them at Paint Creek near their home in Columbus, Ohio, USA.

Perched patiently in a blue plastic vessel, another paddling partner lets go of the kayak causing Jon to rapidly gain speed on his rocky descent from the hill.

Quickly realising he has gone off course, Jon can do nothing as he slams straight into the solitary sapling and wraps his whole torso around its trunk before sliding to the floor.

Korey said: “I was in shock, all I could say is the stereotypical ‘are you okay’?

“While he’s on the ground with the wind knocked out of him.

“Luckily Jon wasn’t hurt too bad just a sore ankle, we all couldn’t stop watching the video after we knew he was alright.

“Me and Jon have been friends since junior high and always get into something ridiculous.

“Our friend had actually ridden down successfully more than 10 times on another day.

“Right before, he said to Jon ‘you won’t regret it’.

“Needless to say, after we saw Jon crash no one wanted anything to do with that hill after seeing that wreck.”