By Jamie Smith

It looks like this shark has landed the catch of the day – clutching a seal pup in its jaws as he breaches above the ocean waves.

Pic by Dave Caravias /Caters News

The poor seal appears to have ended up as lunch during the unbelievable attack, captured on camera by photographer Dave Caravias in Shark Alley, near Gansbaai, South Africa.

But don’t worry – the shark actually only managed to catch a seal decoy – placed to encourage sharks to jump out of the water in a bid to capture stunning footage like this.

Pic by Dave Caravias /Caters News

Dave, who runs a shark cage diving experience, was on a boat trip with clients when he managed to capture this incredible shot.

He said: “The Great White Shark is fully airborne with the fake seal in its mouth. It shows real drama and power of the shark in mid-air on the hunt.

Pic by Dave Caravias /Caters News

“We have to watch the fake seal bobbing in the waves when being towed behind the boat and there is absolutely no indication or Idea when a shark will launch out of the water.

“It is always a heart jumping and adrenaline pumping experience seeing the size and power of these awesome majestic animals.

Pic by Dave Caravias /Caters News

“You cannot look away for a second as it can happen at any moment and when it does it is always a complete surprise.

“I just have complete love and awe for these amazing predators.”