By Liam Geraghty

A mum-of-three claims a man-hating black monk ghost won’t let any men come near her – and has even scared her kids and former partners away.

Tracy Proctor, 52, said she has been haunted by the ‘protective’ black monk-like figure for the past 14 years with spooky sightings forcing her sons, boyfriends and male visitors to flee the house.

The carer, who has lived in her home in Wakefield, West Yorks, for 19 years said the spirit moves keys, glasses and e-cigarettes around her home and the saucy spook has repeatedly pulled down the knickers of her antique dolls.

Tracy believes the ghoul forced sons Glynn, 31, and Alec, 24, to move out and said both current and former boyfriends have also reported witnessing close encounters with the ghostly presence.

Gran-of-four Tracy said: “Many men have been driven out from my home.

“It does seem to affect the males around me because of what has happened with my sons and partners.

“It has definitely stopped me having relationships and if I meet someone then I know what is going to happen and that I am not going to see them again if they come back to mine.

“When my son came back from university, I said he could stay in a bedroom I can feel is particularly demonic. I thought initially that he was making it up when he said that he could hear footsteps – I told him it was the dogs, but he said that they were in the bedroom with him.

“He was so freaked out by it that he had gone when I came back later that day and I was alone. There have been so many stories and I have just had to get used to it really.

“Ex-boyfriends have seen a black figure and before people have packed their bags and said they couldn’t hack it.

“But for me it’s quite a nice feeling actually because when I am feeling low, I can feel like a cloak coming over me and it is like the spirit is protecting me.


“Other people might not be interested in it and think that I am quite crazy but it seems to have looked after me while I have been in this house and nothing bad has ever happened.”

Despite sharing her home with the poltergeist, Tracy said she feels ‘protected’ by her spectral lodger and has no plans to leave her haunted home.

She said the ghost particularly likes to taunt her by constantly messing with her prized doll’s house and antique dolls – even repeatedly pulling down the knickers of one of the dolls.

And Tracy also claims to have captured the image of a phantom corgi on camera posting next to her own pooches, eight-year-old ridgeback and Staffordshire bull terrier cross Missy and smooth-haired fox terrier Bobby, four.

Descriptions from people who have seen the ghost suggest it could be a black monk-like figure similar to that famously known to haunt a house in nearby Pontefract.

Tracy said: “If I didn’t have my dogs then I would get scared but, like I said, nothing has happened to me while I’ve been here.

“I’ve only felt something touching me and shadows around me and heard something calling out names.

“I’m not familiar with the Black Monk of Pontefract ghost but all I know is several people have described what they have seen as like a black hooded figure, so it is definitely something like that.”

The 14-year reign of terror saw Tracy reach out to paranormal expert brothers Mark Vernon, 51, and 50-year-old Darrell Vernon and the pair recently visited her house to look for haunting evidence.


They were stunned when footage of an interview they filmed with Tracy showed a white orb appear on screen.

Mark, who is from Wakefield, insisted the video is proof alone that the ghostly goings-on at her home are the real deal.

Mark said: “Tracey had seen a couple of my videos so she asked me, as we’re both in Wakefield, to come and have a look.

“The family have been scared out and she has lost her boyfriend because he was too scared to set foot in the house – they have all seen a black monk-like figure.

“We were only there for about three hours but I can’t wait to get back again.

“There is definitely something happening there – she is not crazy – and we will get it 100 per cent.”