Offbeat Video


By Katy Gill

An adorable baby boy can be seen running head first into a wall after his excitable game goes wrong.

The 15 month old, Quinton Smith, from Texas, can be seen running with a blanket on his head straight into the wall at his grandparents house.

His mum, Briana, 26, tried to warn him to slow down but unfortunately he didn’t listen to her warning.

Thankfully the excitable baby didn’t have a bump on his head and his parents decided to share the hilarious clip online.

Briana, a photographer and stay at home mum, said: “I’d filmed Quinton with the blanket on his head but when it fell off, he came back to me as he wanted it to be filmed again.

“I thought it was so cute but I was careful not to cover his eyes, I had no idea he was about to take off and start running in the opposite direction.

“Quinton is my crazy baby that tries anything and everything, he never crawled he went straight to walking the week before he turned nine months.

“He has never run into a wall like that before but he has climbed on tables and chairs and tried to do something daring stunts.

“I am glad I get to stay home with him so I don’t sign incident reports in daycare everyday!

“I sent the video that morning to my family and they loved it.

“They told me I had to post it and use the hashtag America’s funniest home videos.”

Briana found the video so funny that she kept it on replay the whole day at her parents house.

She added: “I think the funniest part is that when anyone plays that video around Quinton he starts to whine and cry, even to this day, like he remembers what it felt like to run into a wall.”