Animals Video

By Bilal Kuchay

This is the moment a horse went berserk on a busy road in India due to intense summer heat and crashed into a moving car, injuring itself and the shocked driver.

The freak incident occurred on Sunday afternoon in Jaipur in Rajasthan, when a horse suddenly galloped from the opposite side of the road, hitting a motorcyclist before crashing into the bonnet of the car and dived straight into the windshield.

Video of the harrowing accident shows the brown horse stuck in the car with just hind legs peeped out of the broken windshield.

It is then being pulled out of the car by commuters.

Both the animal and the driver of the car, Pankaj Joshi, who works for an event management company, sustained minor injuries in the accident.

Joshi was taken to a nearby hospital where he was discharged after first aid.

“The owner had tied his horse on the roadside in Hasanpura area. The animal was provided with a packet-full of fodder to eat. However, the food somehow blocked the eyesight of the animal which made it all furious.

“Irked by this and the unbearable heat, the horse broke away from the pole it was tied to. There was panic on the street as people started running to safety from the horse.

“The animal first dashed into a motorcyclist before crashing into the car,” an onlooker said.

The horse rescued by the locals with the help of forest officials is still recuperating.

“The horse reacted in such a manner due to the intense heat. The animal suffered some injuries but there is nothing serious,” said Dr. Arvind Mathur, the doctor treating the horse.

India is reeling under extreme heat with temperature shot above 47 degree on Sunday particularly in northern states like Rajasthan, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab.

But severe heatwave in Rajasthan made matters even worse.