Offbeat Video

By Luke Kenton

This is the adorable moment a mum’s 20 year wait to become a grandma is finally granted, with the help of a positive pregnancy test.

On Mother’s Day in Simpsonville, South Carolina, Dolly Lively thought she was just being taken out for a meal by her loving son, Todd Holcombe, but little did she know that wasn’t going to be the only treat in store.

Handed a bundle of tissue paper, the factory worker looks bemused as she quips, ‘are you sure there’s something in this?’ before the laughter soon turns to unbridled joy.

As the two decades of longing turn to a reality, tears stream down Dolly’s face as she stares down at the positive pregnancy test before reaching out to her son and his wife, Tessa, proclaiming ‘I love you so much’.

Overcome with emotion himself, Todd Holcombe, a music director, said: “I was so anxious and excited to tell her the news, because I know how much this means to her.

“My mum has been asking for grandchildren since I was in my early twenties, and now I’m 40.

“So, to say she’s been patient would be an understatement.

“We’d only just found out ourselves the day before, so we wrapped the pregnancy test in a make-up bag with loads of other presents.

“Her reaction said it all, even watching it back now it’s hard not to cry as well.

“She is such an incredible mum, I know she’s going to make the best grandma.

“The baby is due in January next year, and we are all so excited.”